• 17.02.2017

    [FOR WOMEN] Better Time Management = Easier Weight Loss!

    If you decide to effectively organize your home, office and mind, you will soon feel happier, healthier and you will receive and extra bonus too – it will be a lot easier to lose the desired weight! If your apartment is filled with heaps of laundry and your to-do lists never end, you’re pretty much asking to get stressed out even in your safe environment like home. You're probably constantly feeling overwhelmed with tasks that need to be done – like cleaning the apartment, changing the sheets, doing this and that for work ... Do you even realize, how much daily stress subconscious thoughts like these can cause?
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  • 15.02.2017

    10 effective ways to get more people on your next event

    You have planned the event thoroughly, considered all its aspects and set the plans in motion – but your work is only beginning! It doesn’t matter, how great the event you have planned is, if nobody knows about it! You want to attract your ideal audience and potential clients, making sure they mark their calendars and attend the event. That can be achieved with a successful promoting strategy, which we divided into 10 simple steps that will fill your empty sits in no time!
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  • 13.02.2017

    [SALES] What do you need to make your sales more effective in 2017?

    We probably don't have to tell you, how every company needs a good sales performance in order to survive in this modern world. That much is clear, right? Right. Whenever you think about education, you probably imagine an old-school classroom, worksheets, handouts and presentations. But there's a new form on the rise that takes everything to a whole new level – it's called e-learning and it's taking the world by storm. We predict that in year 2017, e-learning will take the place of traditional teaching practices all over the world – at least when it comes to the business world.
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  • 10.02.2017

    [REVEALING] Do you have a problem making decisions? Try to think differently!

    Well known nightmare to everyone, who often resorts to tossing a coin when trying to make a decision: indecisiveness. This feature usually reveals itself in our constant need to overthink all the advantages and disadvantages before making any decisions – most of the time ending with us being unable to choose anything. Are you one of them? Check out the signs of indecisive people!
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  • 08.02.2017

    7 effective steps for closing the potential clients

    Are you working too hard, spend way too much time thinking about new ways to close the deals, but nothing seems to work? Do you want to find a fail-safe way to lead your business towards success? All you need is a sales process that does the hard work for you, insuring your clients the excellent results they expect.
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  • 06.02.2017

    [SURVEY] Does your company need E-learning?

    By now you have probably heard about the ever-growing phenomenon called E-learning. Chances are, you've also heard or read about its benefits in comparison to other forms of education. E-learning is proving the be the most successful, profitable, effective and ecological choice for each and every company, no matter how big or small it is. The only question is – does your company need it?
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  • 01.12.2014

    Useful advice

    The Big U Academy provides adequate knowledge and solutions you need for a successful network marketing.
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